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>> is a difficult night for the jackson family tomorrow botha difficult night for the jackson family. our top story seen around the country tonight. we are outside the jackson home in washington d.c. where they live. it is very quiet out here we are just steps away from the jackson home there is not a light on inside that we can see from the street level here it's because it is a very big day in court for both mr. and mrs. jackson tomorrow they're expected to be in court at 9:30
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a.m. tomorrow morning chicago time. the $750,000 they say he pulled from his campaign account and used for personal expenses spending lavishly on himself as well as personal family members his wife is expected to appear before a judge later. december 12, 1995 it political star was born 18 years later jesse jackson jr. is rising star has fallen it casts shadows on the life of his wife of more than 20 years, cindy jackson. they could send either one of them or both of them to prison. jesse jackson jr. has not been seen publicly for
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months setting mental illness this roll-callrobotic call was apparently enough for constituents... it appears we are having technical difficulty back at the station the couple is again expected in court tomorrow mr. jackson in the morning the and sandy jackson in the afternoon both of them are expected to plead guilty we talked about that for several days it could be a matter of weeks may be months or more mr. jackson will likely be facing something like five years in prison that is the maximum that he could get in this case.
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we of course will be in the courtroom to capture it all for you and have live reports throughout the day. we apologize for the technical difficulty, michael bloomberg responding to critics today political action groups cash flow in the race to replace jesse jackson jr.. that's a piece of an ad run by independence usa. advertisements like this have gotten under the skin of the candidates. bloomberg is a longtime supporter of gun control but the nra's influence over lawmakers is why he is getting involved in this race. blumberg has put into
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million dollars of his own tax money dozens of on tested ray katz found in a police evidence room weaving sexual assault victims waiting for justice. we are live in robins with that story tonight. a local police chief are arrested for his second to diy county officials finding 51 on tested on submitteduntested unsubmitted rape kits.
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a big shock to many officials. these are people at the end of their rope who have had enough they are very passionate because a lot of the folks that live here for generations they have seen their city crumbled we feel
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we can do something pretty quick on a lot of these issues. >> along with untested rickets and unsolved murders also talking about a spike in burglaries' in what theythey consider an unusual rise in youth crime. morning the tragic loss of two very well liked classmates tonight. there were killed in a car accident last night, pouring rain and sleet are to blame for the crash. a junior member of the football team. he was a great guy he enjoyed his life and he lived it to the fullest. two of his
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younger siblings went to high school with her. today the school and battled police chief for fired. telling his side of the store, the braves runner in court today recounting his version of what happened the day his girlfriend was shot to death marathon rogers encounter problems when they tried to register online today.runners in encountered problems when they tried toencounter problems today when they tried to
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peter is a new team is arguing that his lawyers botched the case, he was accused of using drew peterson is notoriety for his own personal gain as being unethical and not having the client's interests at heart but he recalled that peterson needed a new trial because against his attorney's advice called kathleen savio attorneysavio is a journey to the stand which is what clinched ito's attorney to the stand
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which clinched the case for the jury. this is not between me and joe brodsky this is between drew peterson and the people of illinois but the defense is trying to build its case the ethics professor said that he crossed the line when he hired a pr firm to handle the media. i am getting a good feeling from the way things are going asking very essential questions today, judge promilabromila. finally reluctant jules brodsky took the
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stand defending the money that drew peterson got 48 new york interview. jolt they are calling smith to the stand was the absolute worst thing that the defense could have done emotional and conflicting testimony shaping today's bond hearing for the double amputee olympic runner charged with shooting his girlfriend the man known as the blade runner broke down sobbing when the prosecution alleged that he killed in cold blood took time to put on his prosthetic leg. he
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is scheduled to reconvene. straight out of thejames bond movie. and how about a closer look at the white sox the manager robin ventura joins dan roan live later in the web cast.
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leaving three people dead and three others wounded it began early this morning it was a matter of 40 minutes he shot and killed a woman in his home, to other people approached during his getaway he also sold several vehicles and unloaded a shotgun on the coast of mesa freeway. mesa freeway he appears to have committed suicide. i don't for one minute discount the effect that mr.
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dorner's manifesto has had on the police department. this is a big caveat, it needs to be addressed. the million-dollar reward leading to his capture will be paid out there were multiple donors so awarding it will take some time. speaking about gun-control today during a facebook town hall normal people do not need to own assault style weapons. it is harder to aim, it is harder to use an ar-15 and in fact you do not need 30 rounds to protect yourself, by a shotgun. by a shotgun.but by a shotgun. comhisbuy a shotgun buy a shotgun!
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a massive search under way in europe for eight thieves who pulled off something out of the movies they drove up onto the tarmac and stole more than $50 million in a rough cut diamonds. in just five minutes they cut through an airport fence and got on board there were heavily armed they wore masks and they barely spoke. president obama putting new pressure on republicans to put in new budget cuts by march 1st. are they willing to compromise? to protect vital investments in the cases of healthcare international security. or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs in our entire economy at risk just to protect
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a few special interests that benefit only the wealthiest americans. if congress does not strike a deal on the across-the- board cuts on march 1st senate democrats want to raise taxes on millionaires and agricultural subsidies and to reduce defense spending. house republicans will reject any tax hikes. the past eight years ryan and his legal team found a variety of legal challenges. prosecutors still to prove that he has taken a drive. mayor emanuel says things but no thanks, he is not interested in bidding to host
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>> there were spinoffs and some real problems. the coast guard took these shots up on green bay they were practicing ice rescues. they said the ice on green bay was 18 in. thick. a gray day in chicago. it will be cold the wins will be blowing at half of thewinds will be blowing
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at half of the velocity. we have had wind chills that have been below zero since 7:00 this morning. 30-35 degrees colder today then the springlike 52 we saw yesterday. we apparently will stay below zero on the wind chills into the early afternoon hours tomorrow. it is 41 degrees colder in or appeared. there is a sharp demarcation between the cold air and the warmer air to the south. this is the system we have been falling since last week. we are in for
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one heck of a snowstorm as we will show you in a moment. low pressure that develops we will keep it there during the course of the morning. these thermometer readings factor in the wind. 11 below is what it feels like out of the dekalb area. more significant snow will
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not be in here until thursday night and if you have to look at all the models at this stage of the game we average about 4 in. of snow out of this in chicago. to place 7 in. is the biggest single snow we have had so far. there is storm number one, here is the other one just starting to pull in the gulf moisture. if you look carefully at this cloud measure there is circulation to
9:33 pm
it. that is the maximum energy. watch how this comes together. blizzard strength winds in parts of kansas and missouri. it won't quite be here by the time we get to thursday night. here is our forecast tonight. sunshine tomorrow that will be nice. it
9:34 pm
will not be quite as cold as today if you are out in the sun. increasing cloudiness and snow during the day thursday. we have no snow but that starts on thursday night it may be in a concentrated 8-12 hour period. we will come back and show you some numbers on the update. those folks in nebraska and kansas i imagine that trouble will be shut down in the next couple of days. howtravel will be shut down in the next couple of days. the
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year's bank of america chicago marathon it's been temporarily suspended because of problems with the site. we caught up with some disappointed hopeful runners. the marathon in itself is in october but spaces always run out fast. things did not go as planned the executive chef at next one of chicago's hottest restaurants this morning he found out he is a semifinalist for the james beard award his focus was one thing getting registered for the chicago marathon. you click on the link and then it doesn't work and after nearly three hours and he could taste the irony because next the online ticketing system had problems of its own when it opened it to high demand. it's
9:39 pm
really frustrating because you are right there and then the site crashes at the end of the day you are registering to pay to run a race he eventually got 3 confirmation e-mail's and his credit card was charged the $175 registration fee twice she didn't get that far because she was not able to register at all but it wasn't for lack of effort. we are incredibly sorry that runners interested... it's
9:40 pm
really disheartening, i really wanted to run this year. i have been running every year since my first one. for those who ran out of luck today mercy home for boys and girls is offering a limited number of guaranteed registration if you run for a team murphy and raise money for the charity. we're going to provide training for you we are going to have all kinds of support for fund-raising and parties and pasta dinners things you could not do on your own. the first 30 people who signed up to run for murphy home will not have to pay the registration fee you can get more information on that on there website murphy 15,000 slots remain we are expecting an update from the
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marathon organizers thursday evening and if your card was charged multiple times they say they are in the process of refunding those charges. coming up we go out to arizona with the white sox manager robin ventura. and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. mmm. it's delicious! another angry-satisfied
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our first glimpse of the judgeduchess of cambridge. she spoke to women recovering from various addictions. she showed off the first signs of her compact baby bombump. tom skilling has our 7 day. >> here's the weather system
9:45 pm
that comes at us with snow. apparently thursday night. there is the forecast by thursday evening. look what happens in that sections of iowa and northern missouri. here are some of the averages for cities on the plains. we will be tracking
9:46 pm
this tomorrow. snow or drizzle at times on friday. you will see the temperatures are more moderate this week. from the cold and snow to the arizona desert robin ventura is getting ready for his second season. nice of him to join us for a couple of minutes to talk about this spring training going on.
9:47 pm
we know it is a little tedious at times. especially before the game. how has it been going so far? we were here earlier than normal so everything just seems to be drawn out a little bit longer you can sit them down but it is fun to be out there and have everyone here. it has been pretty good up until today right? >> i am chilly but i am not going to complain about it. it has been fine. he talked about guys taking care of themselves over the long haul here during spring training. >> again that is one of those things from this long spring training that we can take. we
9:48 pm
will get more information as we go wrong right now just rest him. can you talk a bit about how beneficial it is for these young pitchers that you have to have a lot of that. a lot of young guys come up and perform and be thrown into the fire in to really compete as well you could really feel confident that something happens. a lot of people mentioned that chemistry may be the biggest strength of this team. mostly it is the same
9:49 pm
scene that played so well last year. it is a strength as you go through this season. you look at the offense and there is room for improvement for all of those guys. i think people figure that they bounced back last year but i am looking for more than just what was there last year. i don't think that the offense is going to be the achilles' heel at all. last night i ran into walter as in a similar situation that was in lasthe is in a similar
9:50 pm
situation that i was leftlast year. it is just more comfortable as far as knowing who you are seeing. you know your personnel better as well in them sure that makes it easier for you to put people in the right place at the right time. >> it is easier for guys to hide. thank you we appreciate you stopping by and good luck when the game starts today and beyond that. the bulls are in ashton tonight and so are the black hawks. we will check them both out in just a minute.
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onwi >> they were down 1-nothing but they scored three times in the
9:54 pm
second patrick sharp, three and a half minutes later he does it all by himself, and assistedon unassisted coming from behind the net. he has left the ice at the united center. also the bulls back in action now after the all-star break they're taking on new orleans tonight and early in the third he is back in uniform for the bulls after an extended injury he and carlos doing their stuff. late in the third luol all day inhad 30 points. the other all-star doing
9:55 pm
it with the left hand, 15-17 and the bulls win this number one indiana you would have to think that the spartans had the edge here. he missed the shot... he tipped it in theday when 72-68. their first win in michigan since 1991. back to baseball here in the valley today we got the word on matt bahr's doegarza;s strai a's strain, nothing too serious for him. he will be one of the busier cubs in the valley this spring. 285 average, 15 homers.
9:56 pm
here in may said he says he has a definite plan on how to put that experience to use. mesa he says he has an idea for how to put that experience to better use. >> that's all over with now time to go twaddletunnel vision in 2013. >> he played for the italian team for the world of baseball classic it will not affect. the workers >> won the world baseball
9:57 pm
classic comes hon. travel represent italy it will be a great opportunity. >> the white sox do not expect to get much work done tomorrow with the rain but the cubs on the other hand have to move rain or no rain that will be the last time that they do that as they move into that new facility. back to you guys in chicago. that's it for us, see you tomorrow. h icph
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